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Triple Scoop of Second Grade

Alright everyone, you are in for a special treat!  I don't know about you, but ice cream is my most favorite dessert.  I can eat it any time no matter how full I am.  Well, that's how I feel about this fun link up!  No matter how many products I already have, I just can't seem to stop buying more.  Does anyone else have this same addiction?  My husband isn't too fond of it, but I sure love it!  However, this fun link up has some products 20% off just for you!  This is a great deal and you can snag it for the beginning of the school year to make your life easier.  The discounted price also makes me feel less guilty for purchasing more items for my classroom.

Welcome to the Triple Scoop of Second Grade!

I'm going to start you out with one of my newest creations, and one that I am very proud of!  It took  me 3 weeks to complete.  I am SO excited to use this in my classroom.  

Surf's Up - Second Grade ELA Skill Box

Basically, this packet includes 12 activities for EACH second grade Language Arts Common Core standard.  Yes, I said each!  There are over 700 pages in this packet!  Students will have a notebook where they record all their responses.  You could set it up where you post a question a day or you have a filing system and students will get out a skill to work on at their leisure.  Therefore, there are large skill sheets that take up one page and small skill sheets that have 4 to a page.  Once a student has practiced a standard at least 10 times, and you have checked their work.  The student will receive a badge for their notebook showing that they completed 10 skill activities for a standard.  This is a great way to document student work during the year and prove that you have reviewed every standard!

I personally keep the skills in a filing tub where students go and get a question based on the standard they are working on.  Then, when they complete it and I have graded it, they put it back in the file folder and get the next skill.  This requires students to be responsible and work to complete each standard.  Students are encouraged to use various technology and read different styles of books during the activities.  This is a perfect activity for morning work or when students finish assignments or activities in class early - they can go and work on their skill box.  You can also arrange it so that students are only working on skills they need to practice, not every skill.  
This pack includes badges, labels for notebooks, and standard checking sheets.  It is on sale for the weekend, so grab it while you can!

The second product I am highlighting is perfect for the extra five minutes you might have when you are lined up to go to art, recess, or lunch.  It might also be fun for a short brain break or transitions from one lesson to another!  

 LINE UP - Second Grade ELA Common Core Questions

I love this product because it can be used during any time of the day, and it is so simple!  All you do is print the pages, cut the strips of paper, and place it in a jar or box.  Then, when you have students waiting in line or moving from one subject to another, you pull out the jar and ask students questions from it!  It is perfect!  It covers ALL the ELA Common Core Standards, and asks simple-quick questions to keep students' attention!

For example, one question might be to state the synonym of a word.  It might also ask to fill in the blank, or give an example of alliteration.  There may also be questions that require students to compare and contrast two things quickly or describe what the author's purpose means.  

As you can see, this packet includes a variety of questions.  It is perfect when your principal asks if you are incorporating the standards because you can show this packet and prove that you review the standards everyday!  Grab your set today so you can start your year off great!

NOW.. it is time for the final scoop!  This is my favorite.  I got this packet from Hilary Gard over at Second Grade is Out of this World!  Let me tell you, she has outdone us all!  This packet is perfect for the beginning of the year!

Back to School Pick a Prompt

I am SO excited to use this at the beginning of the year.  It is absolutely adorable and provides you with a variety of materials that can be used in your classroom.  There are so many things you can do with this product!  There are various writing papers so you can provide your students with the perfect form for them.  There are also levels or prompts, so that you can differentiate while you are teaching. I love this product because I have a difficult time coming up with writing prompts, and this has it completed for you - along with the stationary AND the editing checklist!  I love that editing checklist.

The graphics are perfect and clear.  It has great directions for your students to be able to complete this along if you wish them to.  It also covers the standards by using the different writing styles, as well as focusing on the characters, setting, and plot.  It is also perfect for displaying student writing in the classroom or hallway!  I know I always struggle with finding stationary that is attractive to post for people to see.  

I am absolutely in love with this product and received more than I expected.  There are 35 pages of fun and easy to prepare writing pieces for the beginning of the school year.  

Also, YOU are in luck!!  She has spoiled us all by posting this item 20% off - so grab it while its on sale (click on the image above!).  You won't regret it!

Thank you Hilary for creating such a useful product.  I am so anxious to use it in my classroom when school starts!  

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have enjoyed the link up and have found new products that could be useful in  your classroom.  Have a great start to your school year! :]

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  1. Kelsey! You are so sweet! I am so glad you liked my product! I can't wait to see what everyone else has! Second Grade Rocks!
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