Monday, August 18, 2014

Markdown Monday August 18-22

It's that time again!  Markdown Monday.  This is one of my favorite link ups!  Thanks to Kelly and Kim for putting this together.

My Markdown Monday Item is:
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It is marked 1/2 off for the week!  This is a brand new creation.  I researched and made sure that I was using phrases appropriate for second and third grade students.  I believe that fluency is crucial in becoming a great reader.  So, I created this pack to post in my room for my students to practice.  

I copy the cards and place them on a ring.  Then, I put them in a center where my kids can practice reading the cards.  The students will use a timer to practice reading the words in a timely manner.  There are certificates you can print off to give your students when they successfully complete a level. At the end of the packet, there is a tracking sheet that can be placed in a data notebook.  The students will color in the pencil and write the date they successfully read the list of phrases.  

I always have my kiddos read the words to me, and if they can do it fluently I confirm that they pass the list.  You can also send home a set of words with the kids so they can practice the phrases at home. 

I hope you find this packet useful!  Thanks for checking out my product.  Be sure to follow my TPT store while you are there. :]

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