Saturday, May 11, 2013

Moms and Muffins

We LOVE our moms!! We prepared all week for our moms to visit our classroom. I was even lucky enough to have my mom come!  Each child made a book for their mom. We also made placemats with their handprints on them. 

Our lovely art teacher donated baby food jars so that we could make candles for our moms. We used tissue paper and glue-water to paste the tissue paper on the jars. This gave it a stained glass look. The kids did a great job putting them together and I bought small candles to put in them. They turned out great! 

The students also made a ceramic piece for their moms in art class. They are so fancy! 

We decorated our class and served our moms muffins and water (with flavors to add if they wanted). The students were so great to their moms and they served them everything! We also, sang a song and read them a poem. Their favorite part was yelling I love you at the end! 

We ended our program with a video. Each child said why they loved their mom and told them they loved them. I was expecting some tears because I was crying when I was putting it together, but there weren't any! I hope they have a lovely Mother's Day because the kids sure think their moms are great! 

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