Monday, November 21, 2016

Writing Resource Folders

During writing, I have taught my students to use various resources in the classroom to help them write.  They have an orange folder they can grab that has letters, pictures, words, etc. on it.  They also each have their writing folder where they keep their stories.  

Here is a student using the orange resource folder. 

Here is a page that I have placed in their writing folder using a page protector.  Each student has a three prong folder where I can add page protectors.  Then, I slip in pages that go along with our writing unit.  This unit we learned how to write true stories.  This page reminded the students to use all of these pieces in their story. 

I also place this revising and editing page in the back to help remind them what goes in their writing. They can use a dry erase marker to mark off each time they check for a piece in their writing. 

My kids love these resources and they are so much more independent when they write.  I also love how they don't have a huge binder filled with pages, and students can grab what they need to help their writing. 

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