Monday, November 28, 2016

Classroom Faith Buddies

Our school brings the older students together with the younger students.  One way we do that is by having what we call faith buddies.  If you are in a non-religious school, you could call them classroom buddies, reading buddies, buddy (insert school mascot), etc.

You can see my kids working with their faith buddies.  They LOVE getting to see them. 
Here my kids are making thankful turkeys with their faith buddies. 

It's a great way for my kids to practice conversation skills and get to know the older kids.

My kids feel so special when they see their faith buddies.  They really enjoy seeing them in the hallways.

Here is a list of things we do with our faith buddies:
1.  Read together.
2.  Celebrate our reading or writing units.
3.  Play math games.
4.  Make a craft for the holidays.
5.  Go to mass together.
6.  Eat lunch together.
7.  Go on a field trip together.
8. Share a snack and tell stories.
9.  Play a game together.
10.  Make gifts for each other.

Do you have faith buddies at school?  If so, what do you call them and what types of things do you do together? 

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