Monday, June 22, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge: Week 2 Dare to Dream

Week 2 is here and  I am so excited about our topic.  I also love learning about all my blogging fiends - old and new!  I have many dreams.  It is hard to narrow it down to just a few, but I will. :]

If you are interested in linking up, be sure to click on the image below to find the directions.  We'd love to have you! is my Dare to Dream list!

*Buy a house - Now, this is a tricky one.  My husband and I are currently living in Chicago.  We are renting an apartment in downtown Chicago.  We absolutely love it!  However, we hope to one day move somewhere we can buy a house and live in a neighborhood.  Wouldn't that be an awesome place to have a family?  As of now, I am enjoying our young married years, but if I were living in a house in downtown Chicago I would be way more excited!

*Donate my TpT earnings - I am fairly new to TpT and I hope to one day make enough money that I can donate my earnings to others and charities.  I donate some of what I make, but I do not make enough to donate and purchase the things I need for my classroom and TpT resources.  As a teacher, I find myself buying many things for my students and classroom.  This leaves me with very little to donate.  So, my dream is to one day make so much money on TpT that I can spoil my students and give to others.  That would be the ultimate dream.  But, for now I will continue to donate the little I can and work my tail off to create products that will intrigue teachers to purchase so that I can in turn give back to others.

*Travel the world - I feel like this is probably everyone's dream, but I LOVE traveling.  I dream to travel all 50 states and go to Europe multiple times.  This sounds slightly humorous since I am a teacher, but a girl can dream right? ;)  I hope to travel and share all the experiences with my students so that they can become more worldly!

*Have children - I have always wanted a BIG family, and by big I mean 6 kids - at least!  My husband isn't really down for having 6 children, but we may have compromised at 4.  The older I get though, the more I think about how hard it would be to financially raise 4 children.  I dream that I will have enough money to raise 4 healthy children and give them all that they can to live a happy faith-filled life.  So, fingers crossed I can make this dream come true!

*Spread the Word of God - This is the most important dream.  I hope that I can make an impact on other's lives so that they will believe in God.  I hope that I am a good Christian that shares with others and shows them that they must believe.  He is our Savior, and I dream that everyone I know will be saved (including myself).  I ultimately want to be a great person that shows others how wonderful life is when God is in it.  I feel blessed to be on this teaching journey with so many other educators, and that is all because of God.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my dreams.  I know that I have to work really hard to achieve them, but I believe that I can.  Thanks for stopping by! :]

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  1. Hello! Love the post! I also dream of owning a house, hopefully we will both achieve that dream. I didn't put having kids as one of my dreams, but I'm right there with you! Good luck with the rest of the challenge. Love the blog :).

  2. Traveling to all 50 states would be pretty cool! And I know how ya feel about spending in the classroom. It really can add up! Keep faith in those dreams!