Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Stock Up!

I am joining the amazing Primary Gal for the Summer Stock Up!  I am so excited to share with you the two products I am showcasing.


First, I am going to talk about my Kindergarten Homework Pack.  I created it in order to help myself stay organized for the year.  I wanted to make sure that I was hitting all of the standards and providing my students with a variety of homework pages.  I tried to make this packet as easy and useful as possible.  I absolutely love it and get great feedback from parents. 

I print off this fun cover and staple it to the front of a folder.  You could even add your name (the teacher) on the star so if it gets lost they know who to return it to!

  There are calendars available for each month of the school year (mid-August to June) within the packet.  This allows you to stay organized and provide parents with an outline of the month's teaching points.  I like to place the calendar on the inside of the folder.  This way, parents know what to expect each week (and it helps me remember what goes home!).

I just staple the calendar inside the folder.  You could also use folders with the three rings and place a page protector on it.  Then, put the calendar inside the page protector. 

There are also editable calendars for you to adjust!  Yes- I said EDITABLE!  I know that some of you have different schedules throughout the year, so you can adjust some of the assignments.  I made over 160 assignments so that you can place them where you want them and even remove some if you would rather use a different assignment!  There are two different editable options within the pack so that you can pick what meets your needs.

Examples of homework pages

I do not give homework on Fridays - just Monday-Thursday.  The homework assignments are only 1 worksheet a night.  They cover reading, writing, and math curriculum.  The style of the homework is also repetitive so that your little kinder students can complete the assignments without parent help if necessary.  

Examples of homework pages

I know that Kindergarten seems too young to give homework, but I feel that it really helps them become more responsible.  My students also loved getting homework because they felt like "big kids." 

Examples of homework pages

Now for some of my Reading Wonders users - this homework calendar follows the Kindergarten Reading Wonders curriculum.  When the letters of the alphabet are introduced, as well as the sight words - this homework packet follows the calendar!  But, as I said there are editable calendars so that you can make adjustments to follow your class needs if necessary.  Therefore, you do NOT have to have Reading Wonders for this packet to be useful.
Here is another great deal - I will update the calendars each year!  Once you've purchased the product, you get an update for free.  Woo hoo!  :]  We always want to try and make our jobs as easy as possible, and I am here to help you!

I reward my students for completing their homework by allowing them to write their name on a ticket and place it in a jar.  At the end of each month I draw out 3-4 names (depending on how many points I have on Scholastic) and those students win a book.  The kids LOVE this, and they even get excited to just put their name in the jar.  Its a quick reward and doesn't cost me any money. :]

Now, I would like to share my Ocean Themed Classroom Decor Pack with you.  I created this to go along with my ocean/hawaii theme.  I love having a classroom where everything ties together!

Within this pack you will receive 13 Ocean themed items.  You may also purchase each of these items separately if you are just looking for one of them instead of all of them.

This packet includes:

ABC Posters

Table Numbers

Beach Jobs

Birthday Posters

Days of the Week

Word Wall Cards (Dolch)

Guided Reading Level Labels

Math Workshop Posters

Months of the Year

Place Value Posters

Schedule Cards

Sharpen/Not Sharpen Labels

Today is Poster

These are the place value posters.  You can see them hanging on the math wall below.  They are simple, but definitely follow the ocean theme! You may find them individually sold here.

Here are the birthday posters I created.  I laminate them and write the students names on the sheets.  Then, I use a dry erase marker to color over the names at the end of the year and a tissue to wipe them clean! 

It also includes the cute Happy Birthday banner you see across the top!  You can find this individually sold here.

Here are the table numbers I created.  They are color coded.  So, table 1 is red, table 2 is orange, table 3 is yellow, etc.  Who doesn't love a rainbow pattern? ;]  You can find these sold here!

Here are the ABC posters!  These are my favorite!  I lined them across my windows and hung vocabulary words and sight words under each letter.

You can find these individually sold here.  You can also find the Dolch Word Cards here

These are the fun labels I created for my library.  They can be found here.

The lovely months of the year.  I post these above my calendar each month.  You can find them individually sold here! The Days of the Week are also included and can be found sold individually by clicking here.

Beach jobs are pictured below.  You can find those for FREE in my TpT store by clicking here.

Math Workshop is one of my favorite things to teach.  You can find these ocean-themed posters sold individually by clicking here.

These two items are posted FREE in my store if you want to check them out.  Just click on each image to find them. :]

I am SO glad you stopped by!  I hope you have found some great deals, and I am going to offer a chance to win each product!  Just enter the rafflecopters below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now it's time to check out other awesome products!  Just click the picture below. 


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