Sunday, January 22, 2017

Reading Superpowers!

My classroom is FULL of super readers!  We learned all the different reading strategies using the reading super powers from Lucy Calkins' units of study.  Then, each student showcased his/her best power by creating a poster to share what the power does.  Each student set up their poster and got in their super power poses ready to share with other students all the different powers we use when reading.   

We had students from all different grades come and learn about our powers.  We LOVED sharing with them, and it helped us remember our powers.  It also allowed us to practice our listening and speaking skills. 

I bought the "capes" from Dollar Tree.  I used the tablecloths, cut them in half and each student used one for their cape.  Then, I used paper to make their masks.  We had so much being super readers!