Thursday, December 15, 2016

Advent in Kindergarten

During the Advent season, I try to teach my kids the meaning of Advent and Christmas.  We talk a lot about preparing our hearts for Jesus and getting excited for Him to come on His birthday.

Here is our Religion bulletin board.  We have the poster that came with our religion curriculum.  There is one small chapter about Christmas and Advent, so I've done a lot of supplementing. 

We completed this page together as a class.  I found scriptures that go with each candle and we read them from the Bible together.  Then, we talked about what each candle means and why this is so important.

We also talked about the colors of the calendars and how the Christ candle is white because Jesus is pure.  We discussed how our wedding dresses and Baptism dresses are white also.  Then, we talked about the meaning of candles and how Jesus is the light of our life.  The advent wreath is made of evergreen leaves because they are everlasting like God and Jesus. 

Each student also wrote what gift they are going to give Jesus this year.  Since God and Jesus give us gifts every year, we wanted to give back to them.  These little papers are placed on the Religion board.  We talked about all the things we can give Jesus and how we love Him so much!

Merry Christmas!

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