My Classroom

Here is my 2016 Kindergarten Classroom.  I think it is my best one yet!  I got rid of my teacher desk, filing cabinet, and large stand.  It definitely made my room more spacious! 

This is my classroom library. 

Here is the view to my room from the door looking straight ahead. 

Here is the view from the door looking to the left. 

Here is our word wall.  I can't wait to fill this up!

Here is my writing wall and writing station.  I have baskets with different types of paper, writing utensils, and their leadership binders will go on the bottom. 

Here is the reading wall.  I place my anchor charts and reference pages here. 

Another view of the library and student reading bins. 

Here is a supply shelf for math and reading. 

Math supplies!

Reading supplies and baskets for the tables with their textbooks. 

 I have the birthday and job display.  I also have my technology area.

This is the front of the room. 

Our outstanding work display and one of our classroom tables. 

Another writing center and storage for materials. 

This is my new work area since I got rid of my desk.  I use the white board when I teach small groups. 

Math wall!

Religion wall and prayer table. 

Here is my exciting classroom!! I love it and can't wait to fill it with kids!

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